Human Resource Management

Manage all of your employee information in an integrated and delivers relevant reporting

- Recruitment Management:

Candidate information, sourcing channels, recruitment costs, transfer candidate to permanent staff. Candidate statistics, Recruitment cost statistics by time period

- Employee Information:

Stores multidimensional information of employees such as personal information, insurance, skills, degree, and labor contract. Employee assessment

Timekeeping Management

Compatible with almost Time Attendance Machine. Automation managing and overseeing employee activities

Timesheet can be automatically retrieved from Time Attendant or Office Staff can declare by themselves via Web

Calculate overtime hour, early out and arrival late according to company law

Employee can register overtime, register leave directly via Web, then Head of Department logon to system and choose approve or reject for that employee. All of activities of this process will send email to employee employee/Head of Department on each step and store history

Salary Management

Calculating monthly salaries, tax and social security of employees of that organization.

On the basis of certain formulas it will generate files as an output such as bank files and salary slips etc.

The system is also capable of allowing the employees to access and view the payroll, payslip, tax etc themselves


Setting and managing your master data such as company organization, leave type, overtime rate, salary period.